Commercial In Delhi

Commercial In Delhi

Delhi NCR has always proved to be one of the greatest locations for opening commercial and retail outlets. Here, you must note that Connaught Place and Khan Market are some of the most prominent business venues in the Northern part of India. According to a recent survey by Cushman and Wakefield, markets in Delhi- the National Capital are amongst the top 10 and top 20 markets in the world. It is only because of this reason that the rents of retail and commercial outlets in DLF Galleria, Connaught Place and Khan Market are the highest compared to the other markets in India. The rents for commercial undertakings in these markets are even higher than those of Bengaluru-the IT Capital of India and Mumbai-the Commercial Capital of India. However, there is nothing for you to worry about if you have plans of owning your commercial space in Delhi NCR. This is because we are offering fully registered retail outlets in Dwarka L Zone. Dwarka L Zone is a location with a bright future and it would very soon be emerging as one of the most promising locations in India. As a matter of fact, Land Pooling Policy in L Zone Dwarka has already caught the attention of investors who have made investments of above 35000 crores. This investment comes from different International and National investors and builders. Hence, it can rightly be said that this is the golden opportunity for people to have a registered commercial outlet or retail store in Delhi without making any compromises on financial basis.

Of course, owning a certified commercial outlet in a promising country like India and in the National Capital-Delhi comes with manifold advantages. It is important for you to know that India is one of the most promising countries in Asia in terms of markets and population. The region called Dwarka in Delhi NCR is fast evolving in the form of one of the biggest markets in India mainly because of its strategic location. By calculating Dwarka price trends, it has been found that the prices have gone up by 6% in the second quarter of 2016. This is good news because the prices in the other important markets like Greater Kailash and South extension have gone down or have shown no improvement at all. The fact that the requirement of branded stores is increasing day by day proves that it would not be a bad deal for people to bet confidently on independent stores and malls.

It is safe to invest in properties in Dwarka because property prices in Dwarka are constantly on the rise. It is also important for you to know that there are several corporate houses and elite families residing in this part of Delhi. It is also worth noting that the count of these families and houses in Dwarka is increasing day by day. Even top ranking officials from some of the most prominent business centers have come up with plans of living in Dwarka. It is only because of this reason that the property prices in Dwarka have soared to great heights. In addition to this, property rates in Dwarka have been found making new records on a regular basis. Dwarka Extension is a project that has already been proposed and is in its development phase only to fulfill the rising demand of houses in Dwarka among the potential buyers and investors. If reports from private and government agencies are to be believed then Dwarka would soon be serving as one of the most highly developed cities featuring branded retail and commercial outlets offering great scopes of business to the corporates. It has also been found that Dwarka would be one of the perfect destinations for managing all sorts of business operations and activities with complete convenience and ease.

It is quite easy to understand the real estate journey in Dwarka. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that Delhi- the National Capital is probably one of the best places for retail business. Therefore, this is an opportunity that you must not let go very easily. You must make it a point to purchase fully registered commercial or retail space here as soon as possible. You have absolutely no worries when it comes to purchasing retail space in Dwarka. This is because Antriksh Group is here to meet the demands and the requirements of each and every individual. At present, the group is providing certified spaces at Antriksh Commercial located at L Zone, Dwarka. This commercial development is comprised of inventory and shops of varied sizes. It is quite easy for you to make the choice of shops as per your requirements. It is also important for you to note that the price that you would have to pay for owning a retail space at Antriksh Commercial is very low. So, make sure that this golden opportunity of owning a retail space that you can call your own in Delhi does not slip off from your hand. If you fail to crack the right deal you might be devoid of fetching the best advantages of Master Plan 2021 and Land Pooling Policy that have been offered to the public.

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