Antriksh Group

Antriksh Group

Antriksh Group is a real estate behemoth and one of the most respected development companies in India. This group owes its success to its skill in developing affordable housing solutions throughout India and especially in Delhi. Till date, the development projects that it has completed in Delhi are under MPD 2021 and Land Pooling Policy. The group is now entering the DE or Developer Entity format.

As per guidelines of MPD 2021 and Land Pooling Policy, DE or Developer Entity is now absolutely free for complete Unified Planning, Servicing and Subdivision for real estate development while adhering by the rules and the regulations.

For serving individuals in the society in a more promising manner, we The Antriksh Multistage Co-operative Group Housing Society have now incorporated Antriksh Developers. Antriksh Developers is a wing that has been incorporated for offering amazing and good quality development services as per DE format.

One thing that is noteworthy here is that our decision of entering the DE format and including it in our fully functional CGHS model is a strategic one and it has been very well-planned. As per the CGHS format, we only had the flexibility of providing housing units by way of the challenging and hectic lucky draw process. This restriction was creating different problems for us with several of our potential and dedicated clients coming to us with the request of offering more options in facing, flooring and payment plans. Our clients came up with these requests in order to meet their expectations and to live life the way they wanted. We got several requests from our clients urging us to offer certified retail and commercial units. We could not meet the requests and the expectations of our clients unless we registered ourselves as certified Developer Entity. Entering into the DE or Developer Entity format has given us the capability of providing both Commercial Projects and residential properties in the most confident manner. Additionally, such properties need to be safeguarded against all troubles.

It is worth mentioning that Antriksh Group has been successful in earning a name for itself in the market by offering amazing housing units loaded with top class facilities. If reports are to be believed, Antriksh Group has delivered a number of amazing development projects within a very short span of time throughout the Delhi NCR region. Antriksh Group is completely dedicated to offering excellent homes to individuals. The group is quite professional and puts in great efforts in offering complete satisfaction to customers. The management and the administration teams of the group clearly understand the importance and the value of the dreams of people. Therefore, we out in our best in offering relaxing and highly convenient residential units that go a long way in capturing the attention of people. We are assured of the fact that we will be carrying this legacy forward by offering ultra convenient yet affordable homes to people in Delhi and Delhi NCR region.

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